Diet Tips Straight From Anushka And Jacqueline’s Acupuncturist!


    How mostly we have looked during a favourite TV or film stars, gushed about their flawless skin and wondered about their beauty secrets! The life of your favourite Bollywood celebrities can be intensely chaotic and fatiguing during times, that is because they need a group of beauty, aptness and wellness experts to keep them healthy and make them demeanour as ideal as they do. Dr. Jewel Gamadia is one such beauty expert, whom we competence have speckled on a timelines of some Bollywood A-listers’ amicable media pages recently. Dr. Gamadia is an pain-killer who is a strike with actors like Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Jacqueline Fernandez, Vaani Kapoor, etc.

    Anushka Sharma also introduced father and cricketer Virat Kohli to Dr. Gamadia’s recovering techniques. Dr. Gamadia is also a health and beauty expert, with his gift being skin care. His Instagram page is full of diet tips for a good skin and an softened altogether well-being.

    Here are some of Dr. Gamadia’s consultant diet tips for a flawless skin:

    1. Consume Omega 3 For Dry Skin: According to Dr. Gamadia, “Omega 3 is an essential nutritious that helps skin to keep moisture. It also improves nutritious supply to skin and helps in rubbish removal. EPA found in omega 3 slows down collagen breakdown, that slows skin aging too.” He goes on to advise his supporters to usually devour a nutritious in specific doses, as prescribed by an expert.

    2. Eat Papaya For A Youthful Skin: Papayas have been famous for their extraordinary nourishment form and are also renouned with people who are examination their weight. But, Dr. Gamadia recommends this fruit for a beauty advantages as well. He wrote, “Here’s a secret! Papaya has an extraordinary enzyme called PAPAIN, that helps in skin lightening and is a best for skin aging. It repairs shop-worn skin cells rapidly, creation your skin youthful. Guys supplement this fruit of girl to your diets!”

    3. Co-Enzyme Q10 For Healthy Hair And Skin: You might not have listened most about this nutritious called COQ10, though Dr. Gamadia says it can assistance we get ‘fab skin’ and ‘fab hair.’ He says that this nutritious can assistance we kick excellent lines on a face and can also urge a peculiarity of your hair. Dr. Gamadia recommends this nutritious generally for people in their late twenties as good as for those who have crossed 30 years of age. COQ10 is found in dishes like duck (breasts, thighs and wings), fishes like mackerel, salmon, sardines, sunflower, canola and olive oils, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and fruits like avocados, grapes, blackcurrants, etc.

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    4. Avoid Milk And Sugar To Prevent Acne: According to Dr. Gamadia, divert and sugarine are dual of a biggest culprits that means acne. “Hormones in dairy products can kindle a sebum glands in your face, creation them furnish some-more oil and burden your pores, that leads to acne,” he wrote. He also warns that eating extreme sugarine leads to a routine called ‘glycation,’ that causes acne.

    5. Consume Adequate Iron To Prevent Hair Loss: Dr. Gamadia says that a scarcity of iron in a physique leads to hair detriment in women. He says that it is “important to devour shaggy greens like spinach to adult your levels (of iron) total with vitamin C abounding foods, as they assistance in fullness of iron.” He also recommends adding nutrients like biotin, protein, zinc and omega 3 to your diet to assistance your hair grow naturally.


    These are only some of a beauty tips we might follow to get beautiful skin and healthy hair like your favourite Bollywood divas. However, it’s always some-more advantageous to deliberate your particular physicians and nutritionists before holding any dietary supplements or creation any vital changes to your stream diet.