Eid Special Recipes: 5 Vegetarian Delicacies To Prepare This Eid-al-Fitr


    Eid al-Fitr is only around a dilemma and we couldn’t be some-more excited; after all it comes after a month-long fasting duration called Ramadan. Eid 2018 will be distinguished on 14th and 15th June. Muslims opposite a nation applaud this festival with most enthusiasm and fervour. On a day of Eid al-fitr, also famous as Meethi Eid, people ready some normal desserts, generally sevaiyan. Most like to horde a grand Eid celebration with friends and family. While this festival has people on their toes scheming non-vegetarian delicacies on this day, there are some vegetarian friends you’d adore to horde too. If we haven’t suspicion of what to ready for vegetarian lovers, we have got we covered. We advise some Eid special vegetarian recipes we could ready for your friends.

    1. Dahi Vada

    Vade done of dhuli urad dal, low boiled and served with uninformed yogurt teamed with some sour chaat masala. Dahi vada can be a good starter for your vegetarian friends. You really need to supplement this one on your list!

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     dahi vada 620x350Dahi vada can be a good starter for your vegetarian friends.
    2. Bagara Baingan

    This one’s not a normal eggplant dish; though a sharp brew of a accumulation of spices, tamarind and coconut. Serve it with jeera rice and stir your guest on this special day. This recipe is firm to make we tumble in adore with a dish.

    3.  Pashtooni Zarda Pulao

    Prepared regulating lots of nuts, saffron and rose water, this pulao is a must-have on Eid. Don’t forget to ornament it with khoya and nuts like cashews, almonds and pistachios to give it a abounding taste.

    4.  Kilikoodu (Savoury Snack)

    This tasty boiled break comprises a integrity of crushed potatoes, carrots and onions with a formidable flavours of pepper, coriander and garam masala. It creates for a good starter on this special day.

    5. Double ka Meetha

    What’s Eid but something sweet? Double ka meetha is a tasty dessert prepared regulating bread, milk, sugar, nuts, ghee, and cardamoms. This Indian bread pudding is certainly a festival pleasure and shouldn’t be missed out.

    bread puddingThis Indian bread pudding is certainly a festival pleasure

    CommentsThis Eid, make it special for your guest and embody a tasty vegetarian fare. Let us know what all we are scheming for Eid 2018 in a comments territory below.

    Eid Mubarak!