Here’s Why You Should Not Eat Raw Foods During Monsoon


    It is that time of a year again. The monsoon showers are here to take all a summer woes away. The attainment of a much-awaited rains has also triggered a brood of a monsoon indulgences. Piping prohibited chai, pakodas, present noodles; a list in endless. But that’s not all that a nippy continue brings along with itself. Monsoon is also a time when a chances of throwing an infection or influenza are sincerely high, since of all a germs and virus around. Cases of dissapoint stomach, diarrhoea, and food poisoning are generally prevalent during this weather, that is because experts mostly recommendation to keep a diet purify and light during monsoon. There are a copiousness of dietary do’s and don’ts that one contingency safeguard during monsoon and one of them is avoiding tender dishes or semi-cooked foods.

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    raw foodDuring monsoon and one of them is avoiding tender dishes or semi-cooked foods.

    Here’s what a experts say:

    “The moisture-ridden atmosphere is a ideal tact belligerent for virus and microbes,” says Bangalore-based nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood. This is because it is improved to use counsel in not only what we eat though how we eat it too.  “Always devour baked food. Avoid tender or semi-cooked food as it might have germs and insects. Cooking raw/semi-cooked dishes would safeguard that a germs are killed in a heat. When we are eating corn cob, or bhutta, make certain it is well-roasted,” she adds.

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    corn cob 625A well-roasted bhutta is virus and virus free

    Cooked food is most easier to relapse and digest once it enters a system. It is also pronounced that comfortable food is profitable for tummy health as it creates nutrients some-more bioavailable. In monsoons, when a digestion is not utterly during a peak, it is a improved thought to have baked foods.  

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    bc5trmr8Cooked food is most easier to relapse and digest once it enters a system

    During this time, it is also endorsed to equivocate travel dishes like momos or bhelpuri. Sushi lovers should also be a small discreet with their favourite sea food delights. Made with tender fish, sushi is not utterly an ideal collect for a monsoons. Raw beef preparations are also not advisable to have during a stormy season. Make certain it is good cooked, baked or grilled. 

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    momosRaw food provides tact belligerent for virus to multiply.

    Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora says, “During monsoon, waterborne and airborne infections feature due to a participation of virus around. One of a misfortune victims of a same is a digestive system, that becomes acutely vulnerable. Raw food provides tact belligerent for virus to multiply. One contingency be clever of what they eat in monsoons. Avoid tender seafood as well. Be discreet about your salads too.”

    This monsoon make certain your food is good cooked to equivocate bacterial infections.