How can choice treatments assistance with HIV?

Many people vital with HIV select to try non-conventional therapies to palliate a symptoms of HIV and side effects of a medications. Some choice treatments can element a person’s customary medical care, though others are not safe.

Many people vital with HIV use choice therapies. According to one source, over 70 percent of people with HIV in a United States have attempted choice treatments, and many people use them regularly.

Certain health word skeleton competence cover some choice medicines, such as chiropractic and pain-killer therapy.

While choice treatments do not heal HIV, they competence soothe symptoms and can urge a person’s peculiarity of life. However, not all choice medicines are safe. Some choice treatments competence have side effects or correlate with medications. Always pronounce to a alloy or medical provider before perplexing choice medicine.

Read on to find out some-more about a probable benefits, risks, and drug interactions compared with choice treatments for HIV or AIDS.

Can choice therapies help?

alternative diagnosis for hiv
Some medical providers support a use of choice therapies, such as meditation.

When used alongside normal medication, choice treatments competence assistance soothe some of a symptoms of HIV or AIDS.

Physical therapies competence assistance urge a person’s movement, assistance them relax, and raise their altogether health. While other therapies, such as Reiki, aim to assistance revive a person’s ardour flow. Like meditation, this therapy treats a whole chairman though does not directly aim HIV.

Some medical providers support a use of choice therapies to element required diagnosis while others do not.

Alternative medicines can't heal or stop a course of HIV, and many of a justification presented is anecdotal. No vital investigate studies support a use of any choice therapies to directly yield symptoms of HIV.

Alternative treatments are not disease-specific. This means that an choice therapy treats a whole person, not usually a illness. For example, imagining competence assistance a chairman with HIV relax and revoke stress. This can have a certain impact on a person’s altogether health, though it does not privately aim HIV.

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Alternative therapies and healthy treatments

There is a operation of healthy treatments a chairman can try to palliate HIV symptoms and remedy side effects and to make them feel better, overall.

Many people do knowledge certain formula from regulating these therapies. However, there is small investigate into their reserve and effectiveness, and they are not a surrogate for medical treatment.

Alternative treatments include:

Relaxation techniques

Meditation is a decrease technique that can assistance to revoke a person’s anxiety. Many people vital with HIV have aloft highlight and highlight levels compared with a ubiquitous population. Meditation can assistance assuage some of a highlight compared with HIV.

Physical therapies

alternative diagnosis for hiv yoga
Practicing yoga competence assistance a chairman relax and de-stress.

Physical therapies can assistance a chairman to relax, de-stress, and urge movement.

According to one source, people vital with HIV have aloft rates of mental health issues, such as highlight and depression, than a ubiquitous population. This can significantly impact a person’s peculiarity of life. Physical therapies can assistance boost people’s mental and earthy health.

Physical therapies include:

  • sports or medical massage
  • yoga
  • chiropractic care
  • acupuncture

Having a massage competence foster relaxation, that can assistance assuage highlight and highlight mostly compared with HIV.

A small-scale 2016 investigate provides some justification that yoga competence assistance to revoke basin and urge CD4 depends in people with HIV who were also receiving antiretroviral therapy. However, this investigate lasted usually 1 month and had usually 40 participants, so a formula are limited.

Acupuncture involves inserting really skinny needles into specific points on a body. Practitioners trust that these needles recover vigour points, that competence assistance a person’s physique furnish chemicals to revoke pain.

Herbal remedy and supplements

Herbal drugs and supplements are accessible to buy over a counter. Although some manufacturers explain that their products have recovering properties, a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not umpire supplements, and few systematic studies support their effectiveness.

People should practice counsel before purchasing herbal supplements and drugs as they can be dangerous. This competence be since of a person’s preexisting health complications or since they correlate with HIV medications.

There is really small justification to support a use of herbal drugs and supplements. When investigate does exist, it is mostly saved by companies or organizations that have a specific seductiveness in compelling a products. Always pronounce to a medical provider before regulating any herbal addition or medication.

Medical marijuana

Medical pot is not authorised in all tools of a U.S. However, some people who have entrance to it find it helps to urge appetite, assuage pain, and revoke revulsion compared with HIV medications, quite comparison antiretroviral drugs,

People should pronounce to their alloy before regulating pot as an choice diagnosis for HIV to safeguard it will not meddle with any of a other drugs they are taking.

Studies on a use of medicinal pot on people with HIV have constructed a accumulation of short-term outcomes. However, there is not adequate long-term information to know a reserve and efficacy of a use to yield symptoms of HIV or AIDS. It competence not be suitable for some people, including those with before piece use disorders.

What to know about HAART for HIV


Some therapies yield probably no risk. Some of a safest therapies include:

  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • visualization

Before holding any additional supplements, a chairman should always pronounce to their medical provider about any intensity issues with their HIV medications. It is essential to remember that usually since something is healthy does not meant it is safe.

Taking herbal remedies and supplements can be quite unsure because:

  • there is not adequate systematic investigate into their reserve and effectiveness
  • unlike common medicines, a FDA do not umpire them for mixture and doses
  • dosage and strength can change severely between manufacturers
  • they are not designed to yield specific illnesses, such as HIV

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alternative diagnosis for hiv st johns wort
People should equivocate St. John’s wort as it can change how HIV and other drugs impact a body.

Some supplements can correlate with drugs for HIV and other medical conditions.

People should equivocate St. John’s wort, as it affects a liver and can change how HIV and other drugs impact a body, including protease inhibitors and NNRTIs.

Other supplements that competence correlate with HIV drugs include:

  • garlic supplements
  • ginseng
  • Echinacea


Some people find that choice treatments and healthy therapies can element HIV therapy. Use counsel and pronounce to a alloy or a caring group before starting choice treatments.

Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and massage can assistance a chairman to relax, conduct pain, and urge mental and earthy health.

There is no justification that choice therapies can heal or stop a swell of HIV, so always use them alongside required anti-HIV treatment.