Is blue balls a genuine condition?

Blue balls is a jargon tenure for epididymal hypertension. It refers to unpleasant or unpleasant testicles, that some people might knowledge after passionate arousal that does not outcome in orgasm.

This sign occurs since blood builds adult in a testicles during arousal, causing them to pain if a chairman stays worried for too long. Although blue balls might be uncomfortable, it does not customarily final long.

In this article, learn some-more about what blue balls or epididymal hypertension is and how to soothe any discomfort.

What is blue balls?

man fibbing in bed in a dim meditative about symptoms of blue balls
Symptoms of epididymal hypertension might embody heaviness, aching, and amiable pain in a testicles.

Blue balls can occur when a masculine stays worried though orgasm, causing a proxy buildup of blood in a testicles.

The medical tenure for this is epididymal hypertension.

People with blue balls might knowledge a following signs and symptoms in their testicles:

  • heaviness
  • aching
  • discomfort or amiable pain
  • a gloomy blue tint

Sexual arousal causes a arteries that lift blood to a masculine genitals to expand, augmenting blood upsurge to this area. The veins that customarily take blood divided from a genitals restrict, trapping blood there and causing an erection.

After ejaculation or if a chairman ceases to feel aroused, a blood vessels lapse to their common distance together with a distended penis and testicles.

People can soothe a prodigy of blue balls by ejaculating or distracting themselves with an activity that is not arousing until a symptoms pass.

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Blue balls is not dangerous. Any annoy will recede once a construction has upheld and a blood upsurge to a genitals earnings to normal.

A chairman does not need a partner to soothe blue balls by sex. People can get absolved of a symptoms by ejaculating by masturbation or by doing a nonarousing activity to confuse them.

The testicles do not indeed spin blue, though they might take on a gloomy bluish hue, that is due to a increasing volume of blood.

Blue balls does not only impact people with masculine genitals. Females can knowledge vasocongestion, that people also impute to as “blue vulva” or pelvic congestion.

“Blue vulva” can occur when blood upsurge to a womanlike genitals increases with passionate arousal. It might means feelings of unpleasant or vigour around a clitoris and vulva. This feeling will pass when blood upsurge earnings to normal, possibly after orgasm or when a arousal subsides.

What causes pain in a testicles?


Blue balls is a proxy unpleasant prodigy in a testicles that will pass once a additional blood flows divided from a testicles and a blood vigour earnings to normal. It does not customarily final for long.

People can provide blue balls by ejaculating by possibly masturbation or sex with a consenting partner.

If a chairman can't masturbate, they can use other techniques to soothe a blood vigour and finish a arousal. Ways to revoke arousal include:

  • focusing on work or problem-solving as a distraction
  • taking a cold showering to assistance shorten blood upsurge to a genitals
  • lying down to boost blood upsurge divided from a testicles
  • exercising to inspire normal blood upsurge in a body
  • lifting something complicated to strive vigour on other areas of a body
  • applying a comfortable restrict to a testicles to palliate a pain

People might find that holding over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, can assistance provide some-more heated pain.

Anyone who practice critical or long-lasting pain in a testicles or has any symptoms of a conditions next should find medical attention.

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Other causes of testicle pain

close adult picture of calcium oxalate mill or kidney stone
A chairman might have pain in a groin and testicles due to kidney stones.

Pain in a testicles might vigilance a some-more critical condition, such as:

Kidney stones

Kidney stones can means referred pain in a groin and testicles.

People with kidney stones might also have a following symptoms:

  • a blazing prodigy when urinating
  • blood in a urine
  • nausea and vomiting

Testicular torsion

Testicular torsion happens when a spermatic cord that binds a testicles becomes twisted, causing impassioned pain. Testicular torsion is a medical puncture as it cuts off blood upsurge to a testicles.

Anyone with a following symptoms should find evident medical help:

  • extreme pain in a scrotum, customarily on one side
  • one testicle that becomes incomparable than a other
  • the scrotum appearing red or darker than usual
  • nausea and vomiting

A chairman with testicular torsion will need medicine to untwist a spermatic cord.


Any damage to a testicles, such as a sports damage or an intent impacting a groin, can means pain, swelling, and bruising.

People can mostly provide teenager injuries with OTC pain relievers and rest. For some-more critical injuries, it is best to find medical attention.


Epididymitis happens when a tube behind a testicles, called a epididymis, becomes swollen. This flourishing can be due to a intimately transmitted infection (STI) or a urinary tract infection (UTI).

The symptoms of epididymitis include:

  • tenderness or pain in a scrotum
  • swelling and inflammation of a scrotum
  • a fever
  • a blazing prodigy when urinating

People should see their alloy to provide epididymitis. A alloy might allot antibiotics or other medications.


A varicocele happens when a veins in a testicles turn enlarged, that can means a testicles to ache. A chairman might be means to see a lengthened veins. A varicocele customarily happens on a left side of a scrotum.


Blue balls is a local tenure for testicles that pain after passionate arousal does not outcome in orgasm. Doctors impute to this sign as epididymal hypertension.

Epididymal hypertension is not dangerous, and any pain should pass once a chairman has an orgasm or stops feeling aroused.

Anyone who practice durability or critical pain in a testicles should see their alloy as it might be due to a medical problem.