As a child we always quizzed my grandmother about a sheer disproportion between a goodies on offer between Ramanavami and Krishna Jayanthi. Like for many kids, festivals roughly always centred around food and a candy in a mix. Lord Krishna’s birthday was zero brief of a feast with countless candy and snacks. Whereas, Lord Ram’s birthday that customarily falls during a commencement of summer (March-April) was roughly stern in comparison; butter milk, panakkam – a jaggery-based libation and the moong dal salad – kosumbari (mostly in Karnataka) are common preparations.

    A integrate of years ago a renouned libation start-up that isn’t bashful to examination launched Panakam (panaka in Kannada) as partial of their summer line-up. It put a quintessential south Indian summer cooler underneath a inhabitant spotlight. For many of us, it also brought behind smashing memories from summer vacations when this was a ‘go-to’ summer cooler. Unlike fizzy drinks that ambience a best when chilled, panakam hits a mark even if it is served during room temperature. In a past it was stored in gritty pots.

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    This elementary summer libation combines jaggery, dry ginger and cardamom. Some recipes also supplement a spirit of dejected peppercorns or cooking camphor. While a libation has a clever organisation with Ramanavami and Narasimha Jayanthi, it is served in utterly a few homes in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka by a summer months. Jaggery is a pivotal to this splash and it’s best to use dim jaggery with minimal processing. It’s not surprising to surrogate jaggery with palm sugar.Ancient scholarship will substantially tell us that Panakam was used as an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) generally in tools of south India where a steam and extreme sweating saps a physique of fluids and salts. Jaggery in a purest form is installed with electrolytes and tender carbohydrates. It’s a ideal remedy for dehydration. While butter divert is a bland resolution to kick a feverishness in many south Indian homes, panakam gives we an present honeyed and sour boost. Jaggery is a abounding source of minerals like iron and potassium while a antioxidants in a ginger make this a quite healthy libation turn a year. It’s also a ‘refreshing’ change from a required lemonade, generally if we like that occasional sugarine rush. 

    Panakam Recipe (Serves 4)


    • Jaggery – 150 gms
    • Water – 600 ml (three glasses)
    • Juice of 3 lemons (medium size)
    • Dry ginger powder – half teaspoon (can be replaced with dejected ginger)
    • A splash of cooking camphor (optional)


    • Soak jaggery in a H2O compartment it melts completely
    • Filter a H2O to mislay any particles
    • Add a lemon juice 
    • Add a powders and stir well
    • Although it is lovely during room temperature, it tastes even improved when chilled.
    • While it’s fine to surrogate jaggery with palm sugar, a splash doesn’t work with sugarine instead of jaggery.
    • It’s not odd to use tamarind remove instead of lemon juice.

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    Panakam also creates for a good part for lovely summer cocktails and mocktails. I’ve found that a benevolence of jaggery works quite good with Bourbon whiskies and sugar liqueurs crafted with American whiskey.

    Panakam Cocktail Recipe


    • American Whiskey: 30 ml
    • Honey liqueur: 30 ml
    • Panakam: 100 ml
    • Ginger ale: 50 ml (optional)
    • Juice of half a lemon


    Bring these mixture together with ice in a cocktail shaker

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    CommentsSo what are we watchful for? Beat a feverishness with this lovely summer cooler!